The Rules of Engagement

ELAshley reserves the right to disseminate, edit, or discard any, or all comments at any time.

Having gotten that out of the way...

I -- Using God's name in vain will get you banned. This includes the abuse of His only begotten as well. Jesus is not a curse word. Profanity, in context, is permissible, but strongly discouraged. And I am the final arbiter as to whether or not its usage is contextual or gratuitous.

II -- All comments must reflect at least a modicum of intellectual honesty. If I deem it does not, I'll scuttle it.

III -- Stay on topic. I understand that conversations build upon the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and insights, but please try to stay on topic. Note: Straying off the reservation doesn't mean your comment will be discarded, but my patience does have its limits.

IV -- If it becomes clear to me that your only purpose here is to create strife, none of your comments will make air.

V -- Play nice or I'll politely scuttle your efforts.

VI -- If you want to hate America and the ideals for which it used to stand-- and still should --feel free. Just keep in mind rules I through V

Lastly. Don't expect much in the way of replies from me. I've already stated my position in the body of the post. I'll clarify what needs clarifying, but I've got too many other things going on to sit in front of the computer and rattle out a constant stream of responses. I'll join in as I can... assuming the discussion is intriguing enough draw me back in.

--Sunday, July 7, 2007